Evolving Needs Mean Disruption For Housing Design And Process – Forbes

Four walls and a roof sounds pretty spectacular to many people who need housing, but in the United States today consumers expect and demand so much more.

Consumers have become accustomed to the fast-developing world of technology that can customize to their needs and now expect a home to do the same – from the original design stretching to year 15 of its mortgage. This need for customization and flexibility in the home was heightened by the pandemic when homeowners needed different functionality from their homes.

Not only have homeowners been influenced by the pandemic, many are seeing and experiencing the horrible impacts of climate change.

These two massive influential factors have catalyzed consumers into seeking more sustainable solutions, spaces that contribute to their wellness, and flexible floorplans. The buyers’ changing demands are putting pressure on builders and dealers to revise their processes as well, leading housing into a new, more on-demand era.

Modsy, a design technology company, recently completed an Source…