Fall Home Design: Welcome to our not-quite-a-coffee-table-book collection of NW Living highlights – The Seattle Times

IT’S CROSSED MY MIND a jillion times that it’d be cool to pull together a coffee-table book of NW Living highlights. Or maybe an entire encyclopedic series. (It would take an extra-trenta coffee table to contain all the NW Living stories we’ve published over the decades.)

Just in the time I carried the NW Living mantle — from fall 2015 until we retired the feature in June 2020 — we (and, by extension, all of you) were warmly welcomed into more than 200 distinctly designed local homes. (And wow; did we see some awesome mantels.) Add in all the other writers, all the photographers, all the homes over all the years, and — we’re just gonna round up and say: There’ve been an awful lot of NW Living stories.

Back when NW Living was a weekly feature — and back when it was considerably safer to inhale/exhale our way through our hospitable neighbors’ lovely homes — our concerns over pulling together these continuing Home Design issues (one for fall, one for spring) were much more “aspirational” than “respirational.” Twice a year, we’d pluck a few ultra-extra homes from our crowded tour docket, sometimes bundling a few under one themed roof (like “Getaways” or “Island Homes”), sometimes blowing off that roof completely with a single-OMG-house issue (Heron Hall, The Venice House).

These days, this fall, it’s been nearly 18 months since we retired NW Living — and even longer since that pushy