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These 12 local names in home design are adding stylish touches to Madison interiors.

Kris Aman of Green Rhino Design
Years before the DIY concept became trendy, Kris Aman was installing sinks, tiling floors and working on her own home. Why hire a builder, she thought, when you can work at your own pace? “I loved the creative process and having to kind of problem-solve some of the challenging issues,” says Aman, who founded Green Rhino Design in 2016.

Aman does it all by herself, identifying as a home improvement specialist rather than an interior designer. “I’m never afraid of trying anything and I think that’s probably my biggest asset,” she says.

Her design aesthetic is clean, contemporary and minimal, with neutral color palettes and a focus on textures, light, natural elements and simplicity. She enjoys working with an empty space rather than a prescribed design layout. Still, she comes prepared. Many days are spent ruminating over plans, sketching her vision out on graph paper, looking at the measurements and fine-tuning details. “I love inspiring people to try and do things themselves,” she adds.

Pamela Xiong of Pamela Interiors

space with a chair

Courtesy of Pamela Xiong

It’s no wonder Pamela Xiong fell in love with the concept of transforming spaces. As a child, she watched her mom host HGTV viewing parties and her parents