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In parallel with the pandemic’s interior design boom, the puppy-buying boom of the past year has inspired an examination of how design can improve dogs’ experience of their built environments. Stay in the know with our weekly roundup of headlines, launches and events, recommended reading, and more.

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Hurricane Ida tore through the U.S. last week, causing significant damages to communities in New Jersey, New York and Louisiana, and resulting in 40 deaths across four states, the New York Times reports. Homes in Queens, New York faced particular devastation, where tenants in the city’s often illegally converted basement apartment units became extremely vulnerable to the resulting floods, accounting for at least 11 deaths, while the storm also undid hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations homeowners spent on structures built in the mid-1920s and mid-1950s. In Louisiana, the storm caused days of widespread power outages affecting more than 1 million people—prompting New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell to urge evacuated residents to delay their return—though the flood protection system of levees, barriers and pumps held firm and prevented further damage.

In Canada, anti-dumping duties have officially gone into effect after the Canadian International Trade Tribunal ruled that the importation of certain upholstered seating from China and Vietnam has caused injury to domestic production, Home News Now reports. With duties ranging from 9.3 percent to 188 percent for China and from 9.9 percent to 179.5 percent for Vietnam, the sanctions will affect motion seating and stationary upholstery