This week Bjarke Ingels launched a home design company – Dezeen

This week on Dezeen, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels co-founded a residential design company that aims to create a range of modular homes.

Named Nabr, the company intends to create a large variety of affordable houses using modular elements.

“Our homes have only gotten more and more expensive, and arguably at a lower and lower quality,” explained Ingels.

“There’s very little choice. Ninety-nine per cent of all homes are the same, but all people are actually different. There’s a huge potential to reimagine this entire process, from end to end.”

BIG power plant
Amager Bakke operator has “no plans to close down” ski slope on roof of BIG power plant

Bjarke Ingels’ studio BIG was also in the news this week after reports in the Danish press suggested that its Copenhill ski slope may need to close.

However, although the artificial skiing surface is deteriorating faster than expected, the slope’s operator dismissed claims that it is under threat of closure.

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum by Atelier Deshaus
Concrete construction “offsets around one half” of emissions caused by cement industry says IPCC

We reported that according to the latest IPCC climate report, half of the carbon emissions from cement production are later reabsorbed