Op-Ed: Breaking the mold on tiny homes — New house design options and Elon Musk – Digital Journal

Tiny House Giant Journey travels through the Petrified Forest park in Arizona. — Photo: Guillaume Dutilh via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The problem with tiny homes is definitely the expression “tiny”. It’s an instant devaluation. A new take on a more modern approach to tiny home design, however, may be about to change all that. A company called Boxabl sold a tiny home to Elon Musk.

That news generated a waiting list of nearly 100,000 people, and not just because of the association with Musk.

Boxabl sells a tiny home called “Casita” (literally “little house”) which is a very interesting design idea as well as good CAD work. The Casita is comparatively cheap. The design creates a lot of internal room and delivers an extremely flexible range of design options.

Take the time to check out the Casita link, which has a lot of useful baseline information. (A word of unasked-for advice for Boxabl from a pro commercial writer – The main image of the Casita needs to be better than that. The current image is seriously and severely undervaluing the idea of the Casita.)

The Casita is a true all-around heads-up for designers. One of the issues with tiny homes is a sort of stagnant design approach. They tend to look very similar. The sector has also tacked on a lot of formulaic interior designs. Add to this some truly excellent but pricey interior décor stuck in the same basic design, and you see the problems.

Superficially, the Casita is a