Sustainable and Green Home Design in 2021: Top Trends –

Interest in eco-friendly homes has grown rapidly in recent years at the public recognizes the impact of climate change and the critical importance of protecting the environment. As new materials, products, and techniques enter the market, trends in green and sustainable home design change as well.

To look into what is trending among homeowners, surveyed 48 experts in the home remodeling and construction industry. The survey results provide insight into popular green home features that can help make your home more sustainable.

Interest Increasing Due to Climate Change Concerns

Sustainable and green home features aren’t exactly new. But in the last year as they stayed home and reconsidered their values, more homeowners have become aware of and open to including green tech in their homes. When asked, the experts generally agreed that the main reason more homeowners want sustainable features in their homes is to respond to climate change, followed by a desire to help protect the environment.

When it comes to home construction and design 94% of the respondents said that people are either somewhat or very likely to incorporate green materials and sustainable practices into their own homes.

Word cloud of reasons why people are more interested in sustainable and green home design, according to's survey.

Millennials Most Interested in Sustainability

Demographically, it’s the Millennials born between 1981 and 1996 who are most interested in sustainable design. Many