7 Lake House Design Tips for Creating a Relaxing Retreat in 2021 – Ladue News

Homeowners tend to underestimate the number of guests they will welcome to their getaway, Sowatsky says: “There is a saying, ‘You never know how many friends you have until you have a lake house.’” To remedy this design faux pas, add lots of beds, she notes: “Create a bunkroom – use trundle beds, sleeper sofas or futons. It is about function over fashion.”

For the guest rooms, include welcoming items such as bedside tables, lamps, a bench for a suitcase and hooks on the wall, Sowatsky advises, adding: “It is nice to have a small book with ‘house rules’ on the bedside table, [including] where the clean sheets are, what to do with laundry … [and where to] help yourself to coffee.”

Additionally, “compartmentalize bathrooms so nobody can hog the entire bathroom – a separate shower room (and/or outdoor shower) [and a] double vanity with lots of counter space,” Sowatsky says. “You can also put mirrors and hair dryers in all of the bedrooms, so bathrooms don’t need to be tied up for that activity.”