This Bold Home Design Keeps Austin Weird (and Fun!) – StyleBlueprint

Austin is a mecca of eclectic art, live music, and quirky attractions, so it’s no wonder that marvelously unique interior design would follow suit. Hang onto your hat because this Austin home is a fantastic mix of bold colors, wild patterns, and artistic sophistication. Seriously, hang onto your hat – there’s a place to display the owner’s massive hat collection!

Located in Austin’s popular “SoFi” (South First Street) district, this three-bedroom, three-bath loft residence is the perfect size and shape for its first-time homeowner. This 30-something single woman wanted an eccentric place to hang her hat(s) – literally – so she chose interior designer Maureen Stevens to bring her vision to life. The two collaborated on a design scheme that reflected the owner’s individuality while grounding the vision in a cohesive style.

Living room designed by interior designer Maureen Stevens

Interior designer Maureen Stevens says, “At our first meeting, [the homeowner] stated she has seen all of her friends’ and families’ homes and was so tired of white/cream and navy couches. She wanted hers to be bolder — she loves this burgundy hue, so I veered her towards that.” Plus, the homeowner loves animal prints and chose a fun cheetah fabric to cover the vintage