Top new home design trends for 2021 – Canton Repository

By Michael Gruber, President, Building Industry Association of Stark & East Central Ohio

Many home owners are rethinking their space after spending so much time at home during the past year. The pandemic shifted into our living spaces, activities that typically take place outside our homes, such as work and school. Designs this year reflect changing preferences and lifestyles while at home. New home designs will likely include stronger connections to outdoor elements, more creative use of spaces and natural design elements.

Brightening up spaces. Interior designers are morphing ideas to coincide with home owners’ desires and are finding new ways to invite in the outdoors. More homes this year will accentuate natural light in homes through larger or more windows. Maximizing natural light makes homes feel more welcoming, vibrant and can be a wonderful mood booster. Sunny spaces can supply an ample amount of vitamin D for home dwellers.

Enhancing outdoor areas. Fresh air and green spaces, designed to be enjoyed year-round, are at the top of the list for many home owners. “Our clients are asking for outdoor spaces with flexibility,” says Curt Minor of Naturescapes Design LLC. “They want ample space to entertain small groups and a relaxing space for gardening or other outdoor family activities.” He also notes that this trend is popular in both new and existing homes.

Adding quiet zones. With activity buzzing throughout a home, a quiet area to unwind