COVID-19 changes home design and how space is used – The Valley Reporter

Leanne Taddonio, stylist, designer, stager and owner of Intentional Space, Waitsfield, is seeing the impacts of how COVID influences people’s design choices in their homes.

With more people working from home, family members returning and living with family, more meals being cooked at home and people practicing wellness, what people want and need in their homes has changed, she said.


Add in the need for people working from home to have a quiet, organized private space for virtual meetings and what she is seeing is that Great Rooms ( a style people have loved for more than a decade) no longer suit people’s needs.

“People are designing spaces that are smaller and separate, adding walls to allow for private work space,” she said.

“We are also using more natural materials and we are more conscious of the earth, resulting from the pandemic, that we are choosing to nurture ourselves in spa-like bathrooms, We are also incorporating gyms in the home that replace the more traditional formal spaces, such as the dining room. No longer are we designint our homes for others that only visit once a year. We are taking a step back to function and spaces/rooms are reflective of such,” Taddonio explained. 

Another trend she is seeing is that the more people are at home, the more outdoor