How the pandemic has changed home design, according to 3 designers – TODAY

There’s no question about it, the pandemic has changed how we live — especially when it comes to our homes.

As we found ourselves spending a lot more time in our houses this year due to lockdowns and social distancing, we also had more time to figure out what we want and need in a living space.

“Pre-pandemic, everyone was on the go all the time,” Taniya Nayak, Boston-based interior designer who will be seen this summer on HGTV’s “Battle on the Beach,” told TMRW. “During the pandemic we found new ways to interact, which all centered on the home, and this re-shaped the way we worked, slept, lived, exercised and entertained. Now we are putting more time and energy into more uses and spaces of our homes and designing them for a new lifestyle today, which is home-centered.”

From structural changes, like the layout, to aesthetic changes, like color choices, designers are seeing a transformation of interior trends.

Below, interior designers share the ways home design is changing as a result of the pandemic.

May 11, 202104:53

1. Private spaces are back

Big, beautiful open layouts have been all the rage, but as families worked and learned from home this past year, the need for private space has