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Jah Mama Hot Sauce

jah mama hot sauce

Simon Chasalow

This hot sauce made me tear up. Not because it was super hot, but because it was just so damn good — OK, its Scotch bonnet peppers did trigger the waterworks. Crafted by music producer Jahphet Landis, also known as Roofeeo, Jah Mama is Landis’ homage to his mother’s pepper sauce. It also happened to get Pharrell William’s nod of approval when he tried it on his Instagram Stories. The hot sauce gets its heat from Scotch bonnet peppers and fresno chilies, which provides a delayed, but lingering, heat. But Jah Mama isn’t just about providing fire — it’s full of flavor, too. To give the sauce its Caribbean flair, Roofeeo added ingredients culantro, shallot and turmeric, which make you want to drink the stuff straight from the bottle. Don’t though, unless you have a jar of Tums near by.

Price: $13


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