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Anna Davidson considers herself more of an entrepreneur than a designer.

With a background in ministry, she spent six years working at a church, where part of her job was to make the environment less intimidating and more welcoming. She was also part of a major renovation project there.

During this time, she also began working on home designs for friends and family and created her company, Homzie Designs, just two years ago. Her goal is to work with her clients to take the hard work out of home decorating.

Wanting a unique name, Davidson said she wanted people to feel the experience when they thought of her brand and blended the words home and cozy with a unique spelling.

“Your home has to restore, inspire and help you gather the people you love together,” she said. “When doing designs for clients, I’m envisioning how family or individuals will be experiencing this space and creating something tangible.”

She knows decorating can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive, but Davidson made a concept that is both convenient and affordable. She does everything online and doesn’t offer any in-person services.

“I am a Southern girl and was not going to sacrifice the opportunity to connect with people for efficiency,” she said. “I do Zoom calls with clients all day. They show me around their house and tell me what’s working and what’s not, and we establish a relationship and a sense of trust.”

She said her business has really taken