Be your own interior designer with a little help from this home design training – KSAT San Antonio

Home design and organization are more than practical; for some people, they are a beloved hobby. But if you can’t afford to bring in an interior designer to get your home in order, the Home Design and Cleaning Bundle features six courses where you can learn to design and spiff up your own house at a fraction of the cost — just $19.99.

Over the course of 132 lessons, you’ll learn how to draft your home design, make it happen on a budget, and then keep it clean without any toxic chemicals.

Learn about rendering designs in the “3D Visualizer Handbook” as well as “3D Max + Vray: Interior and Exterior Night Rendering.” These courses teach students how to light daylight and nighttime images when designing interior and exterior scenes. For aspiring designers, these skills are invaluable.

A home does not have to cost a fortune to look neat and put together. The “Thrifty Interior Magic Design” and “Fix up and Flip Furniture” courses can show you where to pinch pennies in your home design process. Old is new again with the thrifting and flipping practices contained in these courses.

It has become clearer than ever that living sustainably, with fewer toxins from cleaning products, is part of having a healthy home. In the “Sustainable Living” and “Brittany’s Natural Home Cleaning” courses, students will learn some real-world tips for healthier living in their newly designed and organized home.