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For Thomas Hill, fashion and interior design have always been intertwined. As a boy, he scavenged his family’s attic for old clothes to cut up to create his own look. By 16, he had saved enough money to buy his own sewing machine and began turning out vests and jumpsuits from Butterick patterns. At the same time, he was whipping up draperies and redecorating rooms—once getting his mom to agree to move the TV out of the family room so he could turn it into a sitting room. The Minneapolis native later graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and became an award-winning fashion designer before shifting to interior design. We chatted with the dapper designer and owner of Thomas I. Hill Interiors about style and the design of his Edina home.

“I don’t gravitate to one artist or one style. If it speaks to me, I’ll buy it.”

Thomas Hill, designer

Since you’re both a fashion and interior designer, how do the two intersect? Fashion trends and color trends always lead the way for what’s going to happen in the home industry. And personal style can be found in the closet and then expressed in a home. If someone tends to wear neutrals and more tailored clothing, they’ll probably like a cleaner, more tailored look for their home.

How would you describe your style? It’s definitely eclectic. Classic eclecticism. My previous house was a 1920s Craftsman that was traditional with a contemporary twist. I flipped