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Creating the perfect design vignette can be an art form. Assembling just the right composition of objects to adorn a coffee table or shelf is a style statement all its own. From family heirlooms to collected books, the small, thoughtfully arranged grouping known as a “vignette” not only adds warmth and depth to your space but can also be a window to your life story. We tapped five local interior designers to inspire us with some of their favorite design vignettes and offer up a few tips and tricks to help you create your own.

Jonathan Savage design in moody music room

How can you create the perfect design vignette? We consulted the experts. Image: Ross Group Creative

5 Home Design Vignettes by Nashville Interior Designers

A “Nashville experience”

Marcelle Guilbeau of Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design phrases it perfectly and succinctly when she says, “To me, a vignette is an arrangement of things in a room, which helps to complete the room. I really love the way a vignette can help personalize it and give it a sense of meaning and place.” And what better place to utilize an attractive design vignette than in lodgings intended to capture the feel of Music City? That’s exactly what Marcelle