Tips for achieving the top 2021 home trend: Warm interior design – Longview News-Journal

Change is on the horizon as 2021 is poised to be a transition year for home design. Expect some of the cool and minimalistic trends of the past to be replaced with more approachable designs that convey comfort, warmth and positivity.

“Darker colors, natural textiles — like wood, and soft lighting are great ways to make a room feel warm and inviting,” says Jen Meska, director of merchandising at LL Flooring. “Also, decorate with items and patterns that bring you joy to add a sense of your personality and unique style.”

To bring warmth into your home and enjoy this growing trend for years to come, try these tips:

For many years, cool color schemes have dominated home design. White kitchens, gray walls and black countertops were top choices by homebuilders and renovators. People have tired of these styles and are seeking to add warm colors and materials in their home. Colors with