New Year, New Remodel: Top Home Design Trends for 2021 – Pasadena Weekendr – Pasadena Now

Home is the ultimate haven — and with new trends emerging that speak to our evolving lifestyles, many are looking to reimagine their living spaces. Home renovations have long been a popular project, but the past year undoubtedly solidified them as the “it” activity. As health and wellness continues to take priority, along with the growing need for multifunctional spaces, it is no surprise that consumers are making home updates that reflect these design elements. Heading into 2021, home remodels will only continue to rise. Here are the top five home design trends to look out for next year and beyond.

1. Multi-zone kitchens are a must-have.

With more time than ever being spent in the kitchen, homeowners are looking beyond traditional setups to get the most out of their spaces. From dedicated areas for meal prep, to customized nooks that preserve your pet’s fresh food, to designated work and homeschool stations — complete with repurposed shelves for supplies and books — the multi-zone kitchen is the leading trend heading into the New Year. Many consumers are updating their kitchens to make this extended time at home more comfortable. And no matter the footprint of the space, many are looking for simple swaps to streamline the remodel process. What is one of the most popular picks that we can expect to see even more of in 2021? Source…